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Join us this fall to celebrate the Salmon Run! Enjoy the annual Coho Festival on September 7th, 2014 at Ambleside Park. The festival includes live performances and entertainment, Salmon Barbeque, and visual art exhibitions. If you are feeling adventurous you can participate in the scenic 14K run! All proceeds go towards supporting salmon enhancement projects and stream stewardship.

The North Vancouver Hotel is not only located 10 minutes from Ambleside Park, but it is also 5 minutes from the Capilano Salmon Hatchery where you can view the salmon making their way upstream. Our rate includes a $50 gift certificate to the Salmon House on the Hill where you will experience fabulous fine dining and an exquisite view. For more information on the 2014 Coho Run and Festival click here




Experience the spectacular rainforest of the North Shore mountains first hand. Our First Nations guide will introduce you to our ancient forests while we share our rich stories and the ancient lore of this magnificent area. Learn how we Coast Salish peoples have lived off the land for many centuries via a complex and deep understanding of nature that allowed our peoples’ to develop generations upon generations of intricate ecological practices. We will walk and hike along the ancient paths while we listen to the legends each tree has to tell. Along the way, your guide will point out local plants that were harvested for food, shelter, art and medicine. Our hikes range from leisure to moderate.

Requirements: Please bring the proper footwear, a water bottle & dress for the weather.
Location: Whyte Lake, West Vancouver / Rice Lake, North Vancouver/ Beaver Lake, Stanley Park
Duration:   2.5  HRS
Available during Spring and Summer 2014


Leisurely paddle and explore  the coastal beauty while your First Nations guide/storyteller shares the rich history and lore of the Coast Salish.   Each tour begins with an introduction to kayak safety procedures to keep you safe on your journey rich in marine life & tradition! Topped off with the savory flavors of a tasty and traditional cedar planked hot smoked salmon BBQ feast.

Requirements: Dress for the weather, water friendly footwear such as river sandals/Tevas/Aqua socks, water, sunscreen
Location: Vanier Park, Vancouver or Porpoise Bay, Sunshine Coast
Duration:  3.5 HRS
Available from May 1st - September 30th, 2014 




Discover the cultural wonders of the Shíshálh First Nation by kayak.  The Shishalh  tribe, from which the District of Sechelt took it's name, has lived in this area for thousands of years.  Your local Shíshalh guides will take you on a kayaking journey through time.  Learn about our ancestors' way of life and  take in the stunning views of the Sunshine Coast shoreline.  Your guide will provide an introduction to kayaking and safety before you start the tour.  Paddling through the ocean waters you will notice that each point or inlet offers its own unique story and legend.  This region is rich in marine life and there is always a chance of seeing seals, otters, sea stars, sea cucumbers, eel grass and much more. 

Requirements: Dress for the weather, water friendly footwear (river sandals/Teva’s/Aqua) socks, water, sunscreen
Location: Porpoise Bay or Egmont – Sunshine Coast
Duration: 3.5 HRS
Available from May 1st - September 30th, 2014


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